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Offering Patent search services, optionally with the PATENTSTEIN Browser!

The PATENTINFO.NET Resource is developing a network of patent searchers capable of using the PATENTSTEIN Browser. In order to enable you capture and reuse your search results, see PATENTSEARCHERS.NET for more information about software which should revolutionize how you use the web to package your work product. Press here to download a trial version. Become part of our patent search network. Contact us at, attaching your resume, and we'll let you know if you qualify.

Our pricing: from $159 for a preliminary novelty search to approximately $1500 for a patent search, including a patentability opinion written by a Patent expert (pricing varies depending on technology of the search and client's goals).

When we deliver a patent search and opinion using the PATENTSTEIN Browser, you have what you need to study the prior art and know what your competitors are up to, re-run the search at a later date, and document your diligence which can help you avoid having to pay exemplary damages should you be sued for infringement of a third party patent.

In short, why do a search? Because life is too short to waste time and money reinventing the wheel. Because you can't afford NOT to know what your competitors are doing. Because you need to focus on your competitive advantage.

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