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Ten Compelling Reasons Why European Clients Are Best Advised To File Patent Applications In The U.S. First (January 28, 2009), in PDF.

IP Protection Strategy for Highly Sensitive, Short Life-Cycle Software Driven Analytical Technologies (September 19, 2008), or in PDF format.

The Patentability of Software in the U.S. and Europe (January 16, 2006), in PDF.

Software With Technical Effect Clearly Patentable in Europe (August 31, 2001)

Software Intellectual Property Strategy--Step One: Preserve your Rights (Nov 8, 2001)
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Patenting Business Methods in the U.S. is now possible--with Extraterritorial Effects (June 1999-still good law) At a March 18, 1999 Conference in Münich, Germany, Paul Van Den Berg of the European Patent Office reacted favorably to a participant's suggestion of drafting claims to Internet related computer software as follows: "A signal encoded with a computer program . . .". Such would provide for infringement when the software, operating from a server in a jurisdiction in which no patent protection has been obtained, is broadcast into a jurisdiction in which a patent having a "signal" claim is enforceable. Also, other comments were made by EPO officials, notably, the Chairman of the Technical Board of Appeals, that indicate that new business methods which are enabled by software (i.e., methods which did not exist due to technical infeasibility prior to there being adequate available computing power) and which otherwise meet the requirements of patentability may be patentable, bringing European law closer to U.S. law post State Street.

Les services financiers utilisant de nouvelles mèthodes commerciales rendues possibles grâce à des logiciels sont dèsormais brevetables aux Etats-Unis ? avec des effets extra-territoriaux

Especially for IT and Computer Software, here are a Dozen or More Reasons to File your Patent application in the United States first.

Equal Access Matching Engine System And Method (November 11, 2004), in PDF.

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