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OUR MISSION STATEMENT: from John Moetteli, Esq., P.E., a former Johnson Space Center/R&D engineer, and an inventor-turned-Patent Attorney, featured on the Discovery Channel's Invention Series.

The PATENTSEARCHERS.NET service is currently under construction

PATENT.INFO™, a department of Da Vinci Partners LLC, an international patent firm, manages a comprehensive network of trained and experienced patent searchers, available to meet your patent information needs online, 24 hours a day. As simple as One-two-three, and you've got the information you need to make important strategic decisions. One: You log on to our site to define your project, choosing one of our pre-qualified searchers (based on their published, keyword searchable details). Two: you select the search type, paying a price that's hard to beat, anywhere. Three: you receive results in a matter of days. We handle the paperwork and filter communications to help ensure a quality experience.

Why not start with our Sanity Search™, specially designed as the inventor's first step to determining whether his invention is worth further investments of time and money.

Our searchers are competent:

PATENT.INFO™ carefully chooses our searchers. Many of our searchers carry our Patentstein seal of approval. Although each searcher works under a pseudonym, we have verified their credentials: we have reviewed the experience, verified their training, and have checked their references, so you can use them with confidence. Further, all our searchers have agreed to abide by our stringent Code of Professional Conduct for patent information professionals, essentially the same code that US patent attorneys agree to abide by. No worries-our searchers are trusted professionals.

Results optionally delivered in PBB format:

Not only will PATENT.INFO™ clients receive a state of the art search from select databases, but, if the client prefers, the searcher will save the entire search experience in Project Based Browsing (PBB) format. With the help of the PATENTSTEIN Browser, cutting edge search software specifically designed and created for use by patent info professionals, the searcher can capture the research experience in PBB format by saving Snippets of relevant portions of prior art documents, saving tours of relevant documents, together with the searcher's comments, and organizing the results in a logical and presentable fashion.

Our Project Based Browsing (PBB) project format is editable, shareable, packageable and re-useable. Learn more about the PATENTSTEIN Browser by clicking here.

Further, at PATENT.INFO™, the client can choose from either a Sanity Search™, a Novelty search or Patentability Search, as well as an experienced patent expert's opinion as to patentability of the invention.

Through Da Vinci Partners LLC in St. Gallen, Switzerland, client members benefit from the assurance of confidentiality associated with working with a patent attorney or patent firm.

Join PATENTSEARCHERS.NET today and start putting our synergies to work for you!

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