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Patent FAQ

For basic information on the patent process, especially that of the United States, we welcome you to the Patent FAQ: the original FAQ on the subject of Patents published on a private site on the Web
  1. Disclaimers and warnings
  2. The Inventor's First Steps to Protecting His Invention
  3. What is a U.S. Patent?
  4. What is a Patentable Invention?
  5. Is a Patent Necessary?
  6. The Patent Process
  7. Patent Practitioners: Attorneys and Agents
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  8. What are the Inventor's Chances of Obtaining Patent Protection?
  9. Patent Fees and Costs
  10. How Long does it take to get a Patent?
  11. Invention Promotion Organizations
  12. Defensive Driving for the Inventor
  13. Minimizing Legal Costs
  14. Where to get More Information
  15. Appendix

U.S. Patent FAQs in German

U.S. Patent FAQs in French

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