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Concerning John Moetteli & Da Vinci Partners LLC and the PATENT.INFO Resource:

« I’ve known PATENT.INFO’s founder for years, and have no doubt, given his tenacity, creativity, and integrity, that (if it isn’t already) the PATENT.INFO site will soon be the premier private Patent info resource on the net. »
--Olivier Dunant, Esq, Head of Geneva Office, EY Law (associated with Ernst & Young)

« As far as Patent Counsel goes, I have relied on John's professional advice for over 10 years since we met at NASA. His knowledge of international patent law has been extremely helpful in developing our patent strategies worldwide. His down to earth approach allows him to understand where the invention's novelty lies, so he can cleverly draft claim coverage that can make a significant difference in the value of our patent portfolio. We also appreciate John's voicing his opinion where appropriate on broader issues of patent prosecution, trademarks and litigation. »
--Patrick White, CEO Precimed, Inc., USA

« John Moetteli has been putting the pieces of the PATENT.INFO site together over the past several years. We’ve helped him in this effort in the past and have used the services of Da Vinci Partners LLC, to the satisfaction of the entrepreneurs that we support. »
--Patrick Schefer, Case Manager, CCSO Geneva, member of the CCSO Innovation Network

Concerning the «Patentsearchers Net»:

« Merci pour vos précieuses informations et votre excellent travail… »
--Naïm Guendouz, Genève

« Nous avons beaucoup apprécié la facilité d'utilisation de patent.info. L'ensemble est clair, agréable et simple d'accès. »
--Marc Jeanneret, Genève

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