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Virtual Collaboration Tools

PATENT.INFO is especially designed to facilitate virtual collaboration with technology-oriented clients, wherever they may be located around the globe. We know virtual collaboration and were instrumental in the founding and development of Missiontrek's suite of collaboration products...

If you find yourself in a country where local patent practitioners cannot provide you with the globally-oriented service you feel your company deserves and you are not willing to make the trip to a large city where you might find qualified advisors, then our online Patent Counsel is for you.

For example, we offer European and middle eastern clients access to the advice of an International patent attorney and experienced US patent attorney, without their having to fly to the United States. Our accessibility means that you can obtain the advice of a US patent attorney, when and where you need it. If you've received a warning letter from a competitor, alleging that you infringe a US patent, we can intervene to help you assess the risk.

We can study the facts and the law, and render an opinion that helps you show that you've made a good faith effort to avoid infringement or to determine that the patent asserted against you is invalid. The formal, written opinion of a US patent attorney-at-law is required to help you avoid triple damages and having to pay the legal fees of the other side.

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