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Welcome to the first private site on the Web on the subject of Intellectual Property Law, brought to you by Da Vinci Partners LLC, now the largest Europe-based, US Patent firm
This site was established in 1993 by John Moetteli, an engineer and International IP Attorney featured on the Discovery Channel's Invention series. Mr. Moetteli is principal of Da Vinci Partners LLC, a Swiss-based firm specializing in preparing and filing U.S. Patent and Trademark applications for clients in Europe and around the World. With new offices in St. Gallen, Switzerland, access to global legal advice on patent matters has now become much more convenient for our German, Austrian and Swiss clients, particularly as we can handle Swiss, European, and International patent and trademark filings and related litigation matters for them as well.

Further, our online presence and virtual collaboration tools make this site convenient for use by companies and individuals who seek first class international patent counsel and cannot otherwise obtain it locally.

Now integrating our patent services

us patent search technology managers, providing patent searches via the web’s first pre-qualified network of patent search professionals
"Ask Dr. Patentstein", a question and answer resource for Technology Managers, R&D Managers, and patent strategists
"USPTO Alerts", Patentstein Alerts will keep you updated (weekly) of new patents and trademarks containing a specific keyword of your choosing
Online Patent Counsel, provided by our qualified intellectual property attorneys, together with our new product, The PATENTSTEIN Browser, the net's most feature-rich patent search software, all the while providing our clients a unique, secure, online platform for ubiquitous collaboration

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