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DA VINCI DESIGN® services are about providing information to others about patents, the patent process, inventing, and innovative design and engineering.

These services enable you to take advantage of the diverse experience of our firm founder, John Moetteli, who, before he became a US patent attorney-at-law, was an inventor and Senior Design Engineer with a NASA contractor, at Johnson Space Center, whose inventions were featured on the Smithsonian Institute’s Invention Series – read more. These services include coaching of innovators as to how they can brainstorm, to further improve their products, as well as information about patent strategy and how the patent processes in various nations affects this strategy.

FAQs on Prototyping

Thorough FAQ on the subject of Prototyping, by Saul Greenberg: click here.

Prototyping and Patent Drawing Services

Referrals to prototyping shops and patent drawing services (we welcome suggestions including feedback on experiences of others).

Precision Illustration, Inc. - Patent Illustrators

From their webpage: "Precision Illustration provides over 10 years experience preparing quality patent drawings for a wide variety of clients and subject matter. Our goal is to offer experience, quality of work, in a timely manner, at a reasonable cost to the Intellectual Property profession."

DAKATEC Patent Drafting Services

This outfit has been in business for some time. From their site: "Patent Drafting Service - We prepare Patent and Trademark Drawings for Inventors and Attorneys - Drawing samples and pricing - Virtual Prototyping."

Invention, Inventions, Design and production of museum and trade show displays and exhibits

We don't know these folks well, but they make a good presentation--I welcome any feedback on this company.

M&J CAD Services

From their website: "M&J CAD Services is full service drafting/design provider. We take your ideas from concept to reality."

Bob Bond & Associates

Patent Illustrators and more.
We welcome comments about this company

Morris Technologies

Morris Technologies, for prototyping services--they've been
around a while but they don’t seem to be very responsive.
At least, they don't answer my emails. Are they out of business?
Let me know!

If you have comments about the contents of these webpages, contact us at davincidesign@patentinfo.net.

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