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State-of-the-Art Virtual Collaboration

Our specialized collaboration platform is secure. All communications are encrypted with SSL technology, and optionally further encrypted by a password you choose.

Further, we use Cartagio Collaboration Centrale ("CCC") software from Missiontrek, a pioneer in online collaboration. Click here to find out more about CCC and what it can do for you.

Our PATENTSTEIN Browser is completely compatible with CCC. Patent, technology, or trademark search results can be posted to your secure folder for download or review by you at any convenient time. You can collaborate with Da Vinci Partners personnel as well your colleagues, provided that they have Internet Explorer. And we're worthy on a new, more powerful system which we hope to launch next Summer, at the latest. With this new program, you will be able to;

  • chat with us
  • edit documents online
  • share documents of any format
  • create or follow online tours of web-based information
  • assign to-do tasks
  • keep informed with what to-do actions are being attended to for your files
  • There are many features we bring to you via our collaboration platform. We invite you to learn about them first hand by logging in to our Patent.Info CCC server using Internet Explorer and view a few sample files. Here’s how you log in: point your Internet Explorer browser to Type in a user name of "guest2" and password "guest2" and then click on the available links.

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